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Assembling Your Frame Loom

This guide will show you how to put your new Loom & Spindle frame loom together.

The Loom & Spindle frame loom consists of four pieces, two flat sided pieces that form the side arms and two pieces with ‘teeth’ that form the horizontal warping bars. Each piece has a notch in each end to hold the frame together.

Weaving Loom

Working on a flat surface, lay the pieces out as shown below. Ensure the notches are facing up for the side arms and the notches are facing down for the warping bars. You’ll notice the warping bars also have a saw cut running the length of the bar. Make sure that this saw cut is facing out.

Weaving Loom

Now that you have everything lined and ready to go, complete your loom by locking the warping bars in place as shown in the photo below.

Weaving Loom

That’s it. Your loom's ready for weaving.

Some Important Tips

  • The joins used to lock the loom together will be a tight fit. You’ll need to apply quite firm pressure to lock the arms together.
  • If there’s any flex in your loom it may be a sign that the joins aren’t pushed together all the way. You’ll need to find someone with strong hands to gives the joins an extra bit of compression.