Hi, my name is Andrea and welcome to my shop Loom & Spindle. I'm a self taught passionate free-form weaver, hand spinner and creative thinker based in Melbourne's south east.

I launched Loom & Spindle in May 2014 to share my passion for weaving and spinning and get others involved in these awesome crafts.

I currently stock a range of timber weaving looms that are handmade by my brother and a range of weaving tools that I designed myself specifically for free-form weaving. I am always developing new products and currently have spindles for hand spinning in pre-production.

Please checkout my blog for a range of weaving and spinning tutorials. I hope that they will inform and inspire your own projects.

Being such a new company there’s nothing more valuable than your suggestions. Please drop us a line.

Our Mission

Our mission at Loom & Spindle is to share our passion for weaving and fibre crafts by introducing others to the world of free-form weaving and hand spinning.