35cm (14'') Knitting Needles by Brittany

35cm (14'') Knitting Needles by Brittany

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These finely crafted hardwood knitting needles from Brittany are made in the USA from sustainably harvested Birch, each needle is hand finished and exactly sized.

At 35cm (14'') in length they are the perfect tool for lever knitting where fast and efficient stitches are the goal, and with Brittany’s proprietary finish they are one of the slickest straight needles on the market.

Warm and smooth in hand, these light weight needles are available in 16 sizes ranging from 3.5mm through to 20mm.

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3.5mm (US size 4)
3.75mm (US size 5)
4.0mm (US size 6)
4.5mm (US size 7)
5.0mm (US size 8)
5.5mm (US size 9)
6.0mm (US size 10)
6.5mm (US size 10 ½)
7.0mm (US size 10 ¾)
7.5mm (US size 10 7/8 )
8.0mm (US size 11)
9.0mm (US size 13)
10.0mm (US size 15)
12.0mm (US size 17)
15.0mm (US size 19)
20.0mm (US size 35)


  • 35cm (14'') length, for fast and efficient lever knitting

  • 16 sizes available, 3.5mm through to 20mm

  • Made from sustainably harvested Birch wood

  • Hand finished

  • Packaging made from 100% recycled paperboard

  • Made in USA


Brittany Knitting Needles are sold in pairs.


Brittany Needle Wax can be used to clean and maintain the finish of your wooden tools.


Brittany offer a no questions asked replacement guarantee for any needle breakages within 5 years of purchase. For more information please visit brittanyneedles.com.


Brittany are a second-generation family run business with over 40 years of experience manufacturing knitting needles. They are an environmentally-minded company and try to minimize their impact at every stage of production.


We have done our best to represent the materials and texture of this product as accurately as possible.

Please review our shop policies and shipping information when placing an order.

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