WELCOME WOOLSEY: A weaving yarn by Loom & Spindle


The first weaving yarn by Loom & Spindle! A weaving yarn that has a structure and composition that was carefully considered and selected specifically for tapestry weaving.


Woolsey is a single ply 100% wool yarn with moderate twist.

These elements come together to produce a smooth inelastic yarn ideal for tapestry style weaving where a dense and cohesive fabric is desired.

Where multi-ply yarns can shadow and dull the surface of the tapestry fabric, Woolsey’s defining single ply construction helps reduce these effects, encouraging a smooth bright fabric surface.

When woven at gauge, Woolsey produces a clear and well-defined weave ideal for working shapes and textural stitches.

With our recommended warp sett of 4-6 epi (16-24ends/10cm), Woolsey will always get predictable coverage taking the guesswork out of project design.

With its quick and easy coverage, Woolsey is ideal for tapestry inspired weaving projects destined for wall décor and home furnishings.


The name ‘Woolsey’ was derived from the traditionally woven fabric, linsey-woolsey.

Linsey-woolsey is a coarse and hardwearing fabric woven from a cotton or linen warp and wool weft.

Though this fabric was woven for yardage, the parallel between the foundation elements of this fabric and tapestry was not lost on me and consequently inspired the name for our new range. 

The Range

Woolsey is available now in a palette of neutrals, bright primaries and soft heathery hues.

Check out all 21 shades and find the right combo for your next project.

Loom & Spindle - Colour transitions-8.jpg


Our first tapestry workshop in Woolsey is a study in colour transitions, it’s a simple technique for working soft transitions between two solid colours. Grab a pair of your favourite Woolsey colours and start weaving!


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