Prep your spinning fibre with the right tools from Louët

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Successfully spinning your first yarns by hand is all about fibre preparation. The choices you make here will influence your spinning style and determine the qualities of your finished yarn.

We’re proud to have partnered with Louët to bring you two fibre prep tools that are indispensable to the dedicated hand spinner.

Hand Carders by Louët

Louët hand carders combine ergonomic design with a lightness in hand.

You’ll comfortably create rolags, mini batts and rovings ideal for woollen-spun yarns.

Available in a fine carding cloth of 110 tpi, suitable for a spectrum of medium to fine fibres.

Mini Combs by Louët

Louët mini combs are a compact option for de-hairing, blending and aligning your fibres for worsted spinning.

These combs are suitable for a spectrum of fine fibres.

If you’re interested in exploring fibre prep and how it influences yarn characteristics we recommend these fantastic resources:

The Spinner’s Book of Fleece
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Beth Smith introduces you to a range of spinning and fibre prep tools, providing guidance on choosing the right tool for your project.

She explores various combing and carding methods and shows you how these can be used to influence the look and feel of your spun yarns. Learn more…

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Jillian Moreno delivers an in depth discussion on woollen and worsted yarns, presenting an amazing collection of spun samples to illustrate how fibre prep influences colour distribution and texture. Learn more…

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