Diagnosis, Weaver Fever. Cure, Get Your Weave On

So you’ve been lusting over all the amazing woven wall hangings on Instagram? You’re flooding your Pinterest account with weaving inspiration? You see colour and texture everywhere that’s just waiting to woven? Sounds like you’ve got weaver fever and the only cure is to get your weave on. But where do you begin?

Frame Loom Weaving

A simple frame loom is a good way to get started. It’s basic in design and really easy to use. Its core function is to keep all the warp threads (the vertical threads) in order and under tension while you pass another thread, referred to as the weft, horizontally over and under alternating warp threads. Repeat this pattern over every row and before you now it you’re weaving.

There are definitely some skills to learn to get the most out of your frame loom but basically, there are no rules. You have complete freedom to be spontaneous and create something that is uniquely you.

Loom and Spindle Weaving Loom

Choosing Your Frame Loom

Frame looms come in all shapes and sizes and you’ll be sure to find one that suits your style. Give some thought as to where and how you’ll be using your loom, the projects you want to work on and the materials you want to use. A small loom is good for on the spot inspiration and sampling ideas, whereas a large loom can be a lot of fun for making home furnishings or even clothing.

Loom & Spindle Frame Looms

At Loom & Spindle we’ve designed two new frame looms. The first is The Apprentice, a medium sized frame loom that is great if you’re just starting out or exploring the possibilities of frame loom weaving. It’s currently my go to loom for weaving in front of the TV as it fits comfortably on my lap. For those of you who are a bit more ambitious we’ve designed a large 64x64cm frame loom named The Master. Its size makes it great for large wall hangings or working multiple projects at once.

Loom and Spindle Weaving Loom

For more information and the dimensions of our looms please check out the Loom & Spindle Shop.

Stayed tuned for our up coming blog posts - Warping Your Frame Loom and Weaving 101.