Loom & Spindle - Woolsey XL

Welcome Woolsey XL

The latest edition to the Woolsey weaving range is Woolsey XL, a super bulky roving yarn destined for bold texture and big finishes!

Perfect for soumaks, knotting and inlays, you can incorporate Woolsey XL into any tapestry inspired project to create super-sized texture and lots of woolly warmth.

The light twist added during milling provides a subtle structure that improves the overall workability of the yarn, when compared to working with unspun roving or top. Something that will definitely come in handy when working your favorite weaving stitches.

Given the lightness of twist this yarn is prone to pilling. It is best suited to tapestry projects that won’t see a lot of wear-and-tear such as wall décor and decorative home furnishings. 


FIBRE CONTENT: 100% Superwash wool
CONSTRUCTION: Single ply, light twist
WEIGHT: 200g (7.05oz)
LENGTH: 30m (32yd)
ORIGIN: Made in Turkey
CARE: Cool hand soak, lay flat to dry.


Woolsey XL is intended for tapestry style weaving projects where bold textural elements or woven inlays are desired.
The yarn can be worked by hand using long or short lengths.

Loom & Spindle - Woolsey XL-19.jpg


Steam blocking may be used to reinvigorate and set the fibres. To steam block, set your iron to a temperature appropriate to the fibre content of your piece. Lay your piece flat on a heat proof surface, place a damp towel over the area that requires blocking. Gently move the iron across the surface allowing the steam generated by the damp towel to penetrate the fibres beneath.


This yarn is intended to be woven in a more free-form style utilizing soumak, knotting and inlay techniques. It’s generally unrestricted by gauge, but for best results we recommend a wide sett of 4-5 epi (16-20ends/10cm).