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Woolsey Cotton, Ltd Ed. - Apricot


Loom & Spindle welcomes a limited edition weaving yarn to the Woolsey weaving range – Woolsey Cotton.

Woolsey Cotton is a 100% cotton fibre yarn.

It’s constructed from many fine cotton strands that are lightly twisted to produce a smooth inelastic yarn ideal for tapestry style weaving where a dense and cohesive fabric is desired.

Available in a colour palette of neutrals and soft earthy tones.

This yarn is ideal for tapestry inspired projects destined for wall décor and home furnishings.

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100% Cotton
100g (3.5 oz)
70m (76y)
Made in Turkey


  • Where a traditional multi-ply yarn can shadow and dull the surface of the tapestry fabric, Woolsey Cotton behaves more like a single ply yarn encouraging a smooth bright fabric surface.
  • When woven at our suggested gauge Woolsey Cotton produces a clear and well-defined weave ideal for working shapes and textural stitches.
  • With our recommended warp sett of 4-6 epi (16-24ends/10cm) Woolsey Cotton will always get predictable coverage taking the guesswork out of project design.
  • With its quick and easy coverage Woolsey Cotton is ideal for tapestry inspired weaving projects destined for wall décor and home furnishings.


WARP: Cotton, sett 4-6 epi (16-24ends/10cm)

WEFT: Woolsey Cotton, approximately 15-20 meters (16-21y) per 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4") woven in plain weave.



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