S10 Concept Wheel By Louët

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S10 Concept Wheel By Louët


Arguably the most modular spinning wheel on the market today, Louët’s S10 Concept wheel is all about functionality.

With its modular design this wheel is completely customizable making it adaptable to any need, skill level or yarn preference.

Definitely a wheel you won’t grow out of anytime soon!

It embodies over 40 years of research and development, representing Louët’s outstanding commitment to excellence in quality, design and workmanship.

To get you started we’ve put together an exceptional package to maximize all that the S10 Concept has to offer and bring you a reliable multipurpose tool designed to spin a variety of yarns and fibres.

With a range of experience levels in mind, we’ve chosen an Irish tension drive system (where the main wheel drives the bobbin, rather than the flyer) for its ability to deliver consistent tension and take-up throughout an entire spin. 

The result is an enjoyably predictable spinning experience with no finicky pre-spin setup or mid-spin twitchy tensioning issues!

With the added bonus of the Irish tension’s huge bobbin capacity it definitely won’t disappoint when spinning for those larger projects.

We’ve opted for the double-treadle upgrade to ensure the most ergonomic spinning session to help you avoid those repetitive strains that may keep you away from your wheel.

And, styled with Louët’s iconic cut-out wheel and clear lacquer finish, the S10 exudes a clean minimalist aesthetic that won’t go out of style and definitely doesn’t look out of place at home on display.

This wheel and inclusions listed below are in stock and ready to ship or collect in store today!

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  • Irish tension drive system, well known for its simplicity and spinning consistency.

  • Geared for three speeds to help you expertly manage twist entering the forming yarn.

  • Indispensable hooked flyer, designed to help you smoothly and completely fill bobbins, and importantly, the ability to lace the hooks to reduce yarn take-up when spinning finer threads.

  • Fuss free bobbin changes, it’s as easy as releasing the flyer brake, parking the drive band and lifting the flyer and bobbin straight from the orifice.

  • Handy drive-band brake at the back of the flyer shaft – a favourite design feature at Loom & Spindle! This means you can easily ‘park’ the drive-wheel so there’s no movement from the flyer or treadles when changing bobbins or the wheel is not in use.

  • Inventive yet simple solution for attaching the leader yarn to the bobbin – just make a knot in the leader yarn and slip it into a pre-made slot on the bobbin shaft and start spinning.

  • Orifice diameter of 13mm that will accommodate a wide range of yarn thicknesses.

  • Classic minimalist design with contemporary feel that has well and truly stood the test of time.

  • Maintenance free clear lacquered finish that coats every surface to protect the timber from drying out.

  • Can be disassembled for storage or transport, an optional carry bag is available.

  • Modular design that makes it adaptable to any need, skill level or technique. See ‘Customisation and Accessories’ below for details.


  • S10 Concept spinning wheel (see specifications below)

  • 3 Irish tension bobbins

  • Built-in Lazy Kate rack (can be positioned either side)

  • Self-assembly kit with step-by-step instruction manual

  • Loom & Spindle Leader Yarn 3 Pack

  • Loom & Spindle Yarn Gauge

  • PLUS one book of your choice to advance your skills:


*Book title can be selected upon adding the S10 to your cart. Titles may be subject to availability.


  • Double treadle

  • Irish Tension (bobbin led) drive system

  • Ratios: 1:5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5

  • Wheel: ‘Classic’ with cut-out, ø 50cm (19.75'')

  • Flyer: Irish Tension, with hooks

  • Orifice: ø 13mm (.5'')

  • Orifice height: 70cm (27.6'')

  • Bobbins: Irish Tension ‘standard’, Capacity: 690 cm3 (42.4 cubic inch)

  • Made from European hardwood and high quality, laminated birch

  • Lacquered finish

  • Made in the Netherlands


The Louët S10 comes partially assembled. A self-assembly kit is included that has everything you need to complete the setup, including a screwdriver!

For more information about assembly requirements please refer to the instructions provided by Louët. 

Louët S10 Instruction Manual - Download


The S10 concept spinning wheel is compatible with a range of accessories so you can customize your wheel for different spinning experiences. This range includes:

  • Alternate wheel designs

  • Irish or scotch tension drive systems

  • Single or double treadle options

  • Various flyers and bobbins to suit spinning preferences

  • Bobbin racks and a stand-alone Lazy Kate

 Loom & Spindle have a range of these accessories in stock, please contact us for details and pricing.


Do you have a custom S10 Concept wheel in mind?

Loom & Spindle are currently working on a custom order page for the S10 and other Louët wheels.  

In the meantime, if you have a custom order enquiry please get in touch to discuss your needs. We would love to help you out!


Please note Louët brand lubricating oil as indicated in instruction manual is not included with this kit.

Please refer to our shop policies and shipping information before ordering.