Weaving Loom and Tool Kit - Large

Weaving Loom and Tool Kit - Large

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This weaving loom and tool kit pack comprises our popular Master frame loom and our large weaving tool kit - Blush Pink, Glacier Green or Arctic Blue. 

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This kit contains:

1 x The Master Weaving Loom, L60cm, W60cm (L23.5", W23.5")
1 x Weaving Needle, 15cm (6")
1 x Weaving Shuttle, 22cm (8")
1 x Weaving Comb
1 x Cotton Muslin Drawstring Bag, L20cm, W15cm (L8", W6")


All our looms are handmade by us in Australia from timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC promotes environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial forestry. All our weaving tools are designed by us and manufactured in Australia.


In the interest of reducing our environmental footprint and improve access to our resources, our instructions are only available online via our website - loomandspindle.com.au.
For instructions on the following topics please visit the links below:
How to Warp a Frame Loom
Learn to Weave


Please note that a stand for the loom is NOT included in the sale of this item.

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