44cm (17.5") Frame Loom by Loom & Spindle

44cm (17.5") Frame Loom by Loom & Spindle


This medium-size frame loom is perfect for beginner weavers exploring the possibilities of frame-loom weaving.

We use a simple yet robust design that will hold your warp firmly and evenly while weaving.

A comfortable lap loom or table loom, its size lends its self to a range of applications including wall décor, home furnishings and personal accessories.

Advanced weavers will also appreciate its versatility as a go to loom for on the spot inspiration and sampling ideas.

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  • Extra wide warping area to accommodate various design orientations and layouts

  • Square design promotes freedom of movement whilst weaving

  • Can be warped at 4 or 8 threads per 2.5cm (1")


Overall: L44cm, W44cm (L17.5", W17.5")
Warping Area: L36cm, W32cm (L14",  W12.5")

Australian Made

All our looms are handmade by us in Australia from timber certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC promotes environmentally appropriate and socially beneficial forestry.


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