Weaving Shed Sticks

Weaving Shed Sticks

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Shed sticks are useful for creating an opening between warp threads, referred to as the shed, so weft can be passed from one side to the other without restriction.

They are particularly useful when working with bulky yarns and fibres as the shed can be held open while the bulky yarn or fibre is passed across the warp.

Doubling as a weaving sword or tension stick, they can also be used to add tension to the warp while weaving.

Our shed sticks are specifically designed for our Loom & Spindle frame looms and will sit inside the frame rather than resting on the outer arms. This helps prevent ribbing and uneven tension in your project.

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  • Two sizes available (see dimensions below)

  • Made from frosted Perspex

  • Colours: Blush Pink, Glacier Green or Arctic Blue


Medium: L34.5cm, W2.5cm (L13.5", W1")

Large: L50.5cm x W3cm (L19.75" x W1.25")


All our weaving tools are designed by us and manufactured in Australia.




ยท       Please note that over long lengths, Perspex will flex. This may make the shed sticks unsuitable for looms narrower than the shed stick. Please consider this when purchasing.