S17 Spinning Wheel by Louët

S17 Spinning Wheel by Louët


The S17 is the longstanding workhorse of the Louët spinning wheel range.

It offers the beginner spinner an enjoyably predictable spinning experience without any finicky pre-spin setup or mid-spin twitchy tensioning issues.

And, for those with a bit more experience and perhaps spinning for speed and production, it’s big-hearted take-up and huge bobbin capacity definitely won’t disappoint.

It’s geared for three speeds to help you expertly manage twist entering the forming yarn. Start slow for a beginner or perhaps to spin a bulky art yarn, then increase your speed as your coordination improves and your interest in spinning a range of fibres and yarns grow.

The Irish tension drive system, where the main wheel drives the bobbin (rather than the flyer), is known for its ability to deliver consistent tension throughout an entire spin. This allows you to almost ‘set-and-forget’ creating a more meditative spinning experience.

Louët are highly regarded for their craftsmanship and commitment to functional design. The natural timber finish and contemporary aesthetic will no doubt appeal to the modern spinner.

And finally, at a great entry level price and the inclusion of Loom & Spindle’s ‘Beginner’s Wheel Spinning Kit’ you’ll have all the resources and tools at your fingertips to start spinning your first yarns.

This wheel and inclusions listed below are in stock and ready to ship or collect in store today!

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Features You’ll Love

  • An Irish tension drive system, well known for its simplicity and spinning consistency.

  • Geared for three speeds to help you expertly manage twist entering the forming yarn.

  • An indispensable hooked flyer, designed to help you smoothly and completely fill bobbins, and importantly, the ability to lace the hooks to reduce yarn take-up when spinning finer threads.

  • Fuss free bobbin changes, it’s as easy as releasing the flyer brake, parking the drive band and lifting the flyer and bobbin straight from the orifice.

  • A handy drive-band brake at the back of the flyer shaft – a favourite design feature at Loom & Spindle! This means you can ‘park’ the drive-wheel when changing bobbins or the wheel is not in use.

  • An inventive yet simple solution for attaching the leader yarn to the bobbin – just make a knot in the leader yarn and slip it into a pre-made slot on the bobbin shaft.

  • An orifice diameter of 13mm that will accommodate a wide range of yarn thicknesses.

  • With the same technical specifications as the Louët S10 Concept wheels there are a range of accessories available to customize your wheel for different spinning experiences.

  • A classic minimalist design with contemporary feel that has well and truly stood the test of time.


  • S17 Spinning wheel (see specifications below)

  • 3 Irish tension bobbins

  • Built-in Lazy Kate

  • Self-assembly kit with 8 page step-by-step instruction manual

  • Loom & Spindle’s ‘Beginner’s Wheel Spinning Kit’, includes:

    3 x 50g locally grown and processed wool fibre

    1 x How to Spin, by Beth Smith

    1 x Loom & Spindle Leader Yarn 3 Pack

    1 x Loom & Spindle Yarn Gauge


  • Single treadle

  • Irish Tension (bobbin led) drive system

  • Wheel: ø 50cm (19.75'')

  • Flyer: Irish tension, natural timber finish, with hooks

  • Orifice: ø 13mm (.5''), height 69cm (27.2'')

  • Bobbins: Irish Tension ‘standard’, natural timber finish

  • Bobbin ratios: 1:5.5, 1:7.5, 1:10.5

  • Bobbin capacity: 690 cm3 (42.4 cubic inch)

  • Weight: 5kg (11lb)

  • Made from high quality, laminated birch and European hardwood

  • Natural timber finish

  • Made in the Netherlands


The Louët S17 comes partially assembled. A self-assembly kit is included that has everything you need to complete the setup, including a screwdriver!

Please note, this spinning wheel has no protecting finish. As a preventive measure against drying-out, warping or cracking Louët recommends sealing the timber with a lacquer, stain or wax prior to assembly. A small sheet of sand paper is included for any edges that may need a touch up prior to finishing.

For more information about what’s included in the box and assembly requirements please refer to the manual provided by Louët.

Louët S17 Instruction Manual - Download Here


The S17 spinning wheel is compatible with a range of accessories so you can customize your wheel for different spinning experiences. This range includes:

  • Irish tension flyer with sliding hooks

  • Bulky (art yarn) flyer with sliding hooks, orifice ø 20mm (.75'')

  • Bulky (art yarn) bobbins, with ratios: 1:4 / 1:5 / 1:6.

  • High-speed flyer with sliding hooks

  • High-speed bobbins, regular or fat-core, ratios: 1:6.5 / 1:9.5 / 1:15

  • Stand Alone Lazy Kate

Loom & Spindle have these accessories in stock, please contact us for details and pricing.

*Please note the S17 is restricted to a single treadle setup with Irish tension (bobbin led) drive system, the treadle can only be positioned on the righthand side of the front post.



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