Learn to Spin Kit

Learn to Spin Kit


Spin with intention. Spin with confidence.
The complete kit for spinning your first yarns.

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1 x Drop spindle, approx. 48g (1.7oz), Made in U.S.A.
1 x 50g (1.7oz) white merino wool top, Australian grown and processed
2 x 25g (0.8oz) coloured wool top, Australian grown and processed
3 x Note cards (6 pages) on spinning your first yarns
1 x Yarn gauge


"I’ve documented and refined my four-year journey to create the first Learn to Spin Kit for Loom & Spindle – The complete kit for spinning your first yarns.
In addition to the necessary inclusions of a spinning kit, a drop spindle and a 100% Aussie grown and processed fibre supply, I’ve carefully put together a series of notes and tools to introduce you to the language and mechanics of spinning your first yarns. Including:

  • A simplified method for spinning your first yarns, highlighting the four easy-to-remember action steps - PINCH-TWIST-PARK-DRAFT.
  • Guidance on how to prepare for a spin, for a more enjoyable spinning experience. And,
  • An introduction to the language of spinning and tools you can use to measure and evaluate your yarns for more intentional spinning.

By offering this kit my hope is that I can provide you with a new opportunity to be creative with yarn and fibre, and extend your passion for making."  Andrea Rothwell, Loom & Spindle

To learn more about the development of our Learn to Spin Kit click HERE.


Wool top is a carefully prepared wool product in which fibres are aligned in the same direction using a mechanical combing process. The result is a smooth, and often silky fibre preparation favoured by hand spinners and textile artists. 


We’ve done our best to represent the colour and texture of this product as accurately as possible. Please note that some devices may display colours differently than intended.


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