Fringe Twister by Schacht

Fringe Twister by Schacht


Schacht Spindle Co.’s Fringe Twister makes creating those final finishing touches quick, easy, and comfortable. 

Being both functional and ergonomic, the three twisting hooks are positioned in the round to ensure smooth turning that will never jam.

With its smart round head design and quality construction the Schacht Spindle Co. Fringe Twister certainly has the edge over traditional straight-style twisters!

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  • Ergonomic handle for use in left or right hand

  • Round head design ensures smooth turning that it will never jam

  • Made from high-quality maple ply

  • Made in USA


Weight, 196 g (6.9 oz)
Height, 6.99 cm (2.75 in)
Width, 19.69 cm (7.75 in)
Depth, 13.97 cm (5.5 in)


Learn how to assemble and use the new Schacht Fringe Twister.


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