6-in-1 Niddy Noddy Kit

6-in-1 Niddy Noddy Kit


This handy 6-in-1 niddy noddy kit guarantees that you’ll always have the right tool on hand to measure and wind yarn into skeins.

With the possibility of six different skein lengths you can skein freshly spun yarns, from samples to full skeins, or measure out lengths of yarn for a range of craft projects.

Assembled using threaded inserts and thumb screws, the structure will always feel secure in hand but also allows for easy disassembly when removing the skein, changing size or storing flat.

With its solid construction and sleek design it’s the only niddy noddy you’ll ever need!

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2 x Sloped end pieces
2 x Threaded thumb screws
6 x Threaded metal inserts
3 x Cross beams: 19cm (7.5''), 30cm (12''), 42cm (16.5'') 


  • 4-point wound skein lengths:

    • 91cm (1 yard)

    • 137cm (1.5 yard)

    • 182cm (2 yard)

  • 2-point wound skein lengths

    • 38cm (15'')

    • 60cm (23'')

    • 84cm (33'')

  • Sloped end pieces, yellow birch 

  • Cross beams, hard maple 

  • Made in USA


  • Insert threaded metal inserts into holes provided on the cross beams, ensure slotted end of insert faces out. 

  • Insert threaded thumb screws into sloped end pieces.

  • With slotted end of insert aligned parallel with the cross beam, insert the end piece and tighten thumb screw to ‘hand-tight’. Repeat for the other end.

  • While holding both ends, twist niddy noddy in opposite directions to tighten and align ends to opposite axis’.


  • Hold the cross beam and yarn end in your non-dominant hand.

  • Take the yarn in your dominant  hand wind over the top, from front to back.

  • Then, take the yarn down under the back bottom bar, bringing the yarn up and over the top bar on the opposite side.

  • Bring the yarn down under the front bottom bar and continuing by following the established yarn path.

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