Nostepinne by Knitters Pride

Nostepinne by Knitters Pride


The Knitters Pride Nostepinne is an inexpensive and practical solution for winding yarn into balls and cakes.

With an ergonomic grip and handy notched tip for securing the yarn end, the nostepinne is particularly handy for winding a center-pull ball.

A center-pull ball allows you to pull the working yarn from the center of the cake, reducing tension on the yarn and preventing it from rolling away while working.

The Knitters Pride Nostepinne is a simple yet effective tool for preparing skeined yarns for making.

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  • Made from natural birch wood

  • Practical solution for winding center-pull balls and cakes

  • Ergonomic grip

  • Notched tip for securing the yarn end

  • Made in India


LENGTH: 30.5cm (12")

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