About This Book

This new eBook from Loom & Spindle introduces you to the language and technique of frame-loom weaving.

Foundation skills and key elements of woven design are presented together, giving you a thorough understanding of how woven pieces are formed.

It includes a step-by-step guide to the unique Loom & Spindle method of wall-hanging construction, one of the easiest methods for the beginner weaver to master.

This creative’s guide will help give you the confidence to design and plan your own successful pieces and will quickly become your go to weaving reference.


What Readers Are Saying

LINE SHAPE TEXTURE provides a wonderful introduction to the art of modern weaving, with clear diagrams, easy to understand use of terminology and beautiful illustrations. A must-have guide for weavers, from beginners to advanced.
— Anna Martin, @thestudioworkshops
A great resource for beginning and intermediate level weavers. This book explains the basic weaving process for lap looms better than any other book I’ve read.
— LINE SHAPE TEXTURE - Customer Survey Respondent
I highly recommend LINE SHAPE TEXTURE for every weaver. Very thorough and detailed with clearly outlined approach to beginning weaving. One of the best books I read when I started weaving and the one I still reference frequently.
— LINE SHAPE TEXTURE - Customer Survey Respondent

About the Author

Andrea Rothwell is a passionate free-form weaver, hand spinner and creative thinker based in Melbourne, Australia.

She began sharing her passion in 2014 when she launched her lifestyle craft business, Loom & Spindle.

In her first book, LINE SHAPE TEXTURE: A Creative’s Guide to Frame-Loom Weaving, Andrea provides the beginner weaver with an in-depth look at the craft of frame-loom weaving.

Authors Notes

When I sat down to write this book my aim was to create a guide that would not only give you the foundation skills of frame-loom weaving but provide a framework in which you could express your creative self.

For this reason I haven’t included projects, but instead provide discussion on how foundation skills can be varied through design and application.

I’ve drawn on my own experiences and extensive weaving library to provide you with an accurate and authentic guide to frame-loom weaving.

I hope by sharing this knowledge I can help you achieve creative freedom in your own woven pieces.

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Conceived, designed and authored by Andrea Rothwell
First published in 2016 by Loom & Spindle, Melbourne, Australia.
Copyright © Andrea Rothwell 2016
ISBN:  978-0-646-95779-1
Pages: 62
File Format: PDF
File Size: 18.7Mb